EBBR V1 now available for FSX/P3D/P3DV4

Hello pilots

My AFCAD for Brussels Airport is now finally available for download here. Many thanks to the following people who helped me out with my scenery:

  • Tim Vancauwenbergh (Tester)
  • Jonatan Geeurickx (Help with website)
  • Bart Debusscher (Help with manual and promotion)
  • Jan Cuypers (Help for V2 coming up šŸ˜‰ )
  • and many more

I hope that you’ll enjoy my scenery and see you in the IVAO skies!

Aderik Verraest


2 thoughts on “EBBR V1 now available for FSX/P3D/P3DV4”

  1. Downloaded & installed yesterday after we’ve met on IVAO at Brussels Airport šŸ˜‰

    Nice work, can’t wait for the next update (groundsigns etc)! It’s a nice scenery of our national airport we needed some much since we’re waiting for years and years now, and still no new EBBR (payware) scenery that is accurate and up to date as yours is.

    Keep up the good work!

    Michaƫl Bitu


    1. Hello Michaƫl, and hello BEL46M (I was JAF3454 ;p )

      First of all thanks a lot for this great feedback! The next update is coming rather soon, it will include SODE jetways, ground signs and photoreal scenery (including night textures with, for the moment, 2D night lighting). The update after will be with custom ground lines, no maps for that moment. Like that I will keep updating, and with the updates you might expect some default objects being replaced by custom ones. Because I really like to have a lot of people being able to use my scenery, this will all be configurable (in a primitive way :p ), so that you can make the scenery run like a charm with your system.
      Second, did you subscribe to get a notification via email when the update gets released? I highly recommend it.

      Anyway, enjoy the scenery and enjoy flying in the IVAO skies
      Aderik Verraest


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