EBBRV1 already has more than 40 downloads!

Good evening pilots

When I watched the statistics of the website I couldn’t believe my eyes. My scenery has already been downloaded for more than 40 times! I really have to share some more numbers that can be found below.

  • Viewed by 74 induviduals
  • Referred via Facebook more than 50 times (many thanks go here to the IVAO BeLux and Public Relations coördinator David Flement, your posts were very succesful)
  • Downloaded more than 40 times

Another thing that I really liked about seeing the statistics, was the variety of the visitors (as you can see on the picture above). Belgium is the most popular, followed by Germany and on the third place we see our neighbours of Luxembourg!

*I want to emphasize that I can not see any IP-adress, name or so. You don’t have to worry about any privacy infrigement or so. You’re just a number for the website, and for me you’re a beloved user!*

See you in the IVAO skies

Aderik Verraest


2 thoughts on “EBBRV1 already has more than 40 downloads!”

  1. Good job Aderik, some aircraft (static?) seems to be without texture.
    Thank you for this scenery.
    Go ahed with further.
    Have nice flights.


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