Update: APRON3 WIP

Hello guys
As you might have seen, some workers are working hard to get apron 3’s magnificent concrete… destroyed . With other words, work is in progress in real life as well. They are renewing the concrete of apron 3 south and INNER9. In our ears, this sounds like update time .

*** EBBR V1_11APR18 released! It includes: ***
– Photoreal scenery
– WIP @Apron 3 and INN9
– New gates at cargo apron 9
– Stand 204 added
– Strange peaks of asfalt over concrete removed
– Centre line lights improved (the lights don’t follow that gate lines anymore, only taxiways )
– And much more improvements have been made, according to our and of course your desires.
It can be downloaded here.

If you want to stay up to date via email (which is strongly recommended), please send a mail to belux.scenery@gmail.com with your own e-mail adress and with subject ‘Update notification EBBRV1’. As a facebook user, following the page will do the job as well .

***A380 gate has been opened today***
The only things that have been added where the gates again, and the default jetways on their OLD locations. Due to the lack of satnav, and time (we’d have to make a model), we weren’t able to put the real A380 gate. Although it will be included when SODE shows up.

*** Some exciting news for SODE fans ***
We have reached some progress in the development of V2, and we should, finally, be able to start implementing SODE jetways. Stay tuned .

*** And finally… A teaser of Tim’s modelling work can be found below . ***

We hope that you’ll enjoy the update, and that we were able to tease you a bit and get you excited ;p.
See you in the IVAO-skies!
Tim and Aderik
The BeLux Scenery development team

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